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Reasons to Buy a Retro & Vintage Coffee Trailer

Why do people value a vintage style so much, particularly when choosing a coffee trailer? Because classic things never go out of style! Since an increasing group of people started a mobile coffee trailer business, the competition has become fiercer than ever. In addition to improving coffee quality and optimizing management, having a vintage coffee trailer is a solution that many people choose to improve competitiveness. But, how does a vintage coffee trailer design make you more profitable? Is the retro food trailer for sale worth your investment? Today, let's talk about the value of the vintage coffee trailer design and the reasons why you should spend money on it.


Why Should You Buy A Vintage Coffee Trailer?

What makes a vintage coffee trailer hot? Its timeless and classic design with a retro style from the past, of course! Don't confuse 'vintage' with 'old'. The latter emphasizes the time that a thing exists, while the former is used to describe that old thing of the best of its kind. Therefore, a vintage coffee trailer is not a fad that disappears quickly and never comes back. By dint of its special design, it will never be outdated and out of the market. Classic things never die, after all. By using the vintage coffee trailer design you can truly take your coffee business to the next level quickly.


Uniqueness & Attractiveness

People have a preference for uniqueness when buying an ideal vehicle for their business. You know, the number of food trailers and trucks is on the rise, exacerbating competition in the industry. How can your business stand out among mobile food trailers and trucks?

With a classic and special look, a vintage coffee trailer helps build a unique brand for your business. In the era of the digital world, most food trailer owners tend to add some modern or contemporary elements to their vehicles, such as the kitchen display system and advertising display. Why not get some inspiration from the past when your competitors focus on futurism? Our retro food trailer for sale, with bold vintage elements that once were the hit during the 80 or even earlier, has a visually striking and attractive design that is a contrast against regular food trailers in your city. Its elegance and charm enable you to create a unique and relaxing experience for your customers.

vintage coffee trailer designs

Converting Customers & Improve Branding Quickly

A vintage coffee trailer is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs to start their small businesses because of its ability to attract and convert customers quickly. You know, the customer always notices the appearance of your mobile coffee shop first. If your trailer design is devoid of any special features, there is a great chance that they will ignore your trailer, unconsciously at most times. How can you make money when you can not get attention from customers? Buy a vintage coffee trailer!

A mobile coffee trailer with a retro design is a rarity on the street which is filled with enclosed food trailers with a square boxes. It tends to be easily spotted by dint of its unique look. As you gain more exposure, the conversion rate will increase, which brings in more profits and helps branding. If you enjoy bustling around in the vehicle, a vintage coffee trailer will bring you endless lines of customers!


Give a Memorable & Deep Experience to Your Customers

Providing food catering services for private activities is a highly profitable business. That is why most catering companies form their own food trailer fleets and offer catering services for weddings, birthday parties, private activities, and business lunches. When buying food trailers, these companies put much more emphasis on functionality and aesthetics. Simply put, they want a mobile kitchen with an attractive exterior look. You know, customers expect a wonderful and special experience in addition to the high quality and best taste of food and drinks.

Our retro food trailer for sale is the way to go for catering companies that provide special experiences. With a vintage look and timeless grace, it will be the biggest standout in any event and theme and create a laid-back vibe for people to enjoy the special time and food.


4 Top Vintage Coffee Trailers For Sale You Can’t Miss This Year

13ft Vintage Airstream Coffee Trailer for Sale

With a long history, the airstream food trailer, along with Citroen vans, is one of the classic icons, when it comes to the retro food trailer for sale. Its shiny stainless steel look has an industrious and modern style that gives a deep impression on people, which expedites the process of converting customers. If you want to have a unique coffee trailer design, try the airstream food trailer as the base of your build.

At ETO, there is a variety of airstream food trailer models converted into mobile kitchens, mobile bars, bbq trailers, and mobile coffee trailers of course. As a base for building coffee trailers, this 13ft vintage airstream coffee trailer is a great mobile coffee shop equipped with kitchen equipment. Despite its stainless steel design and look, it is not a converted airstream trailer, but a replica made to the highest standards and health codes in the industry. Build from the start in our factory, the vintage airstream coffee trailer is brand new, with its heavy-duty chassis and commercial kitchen equipment, ensuring its high quality and long service life. In addition to its quality and vintage coffee trailer design, there are other benefits that our airstream coffee trailer brings to you:
  • A perfect alternative to the airstream trailer but has the same imposing style and look
  • Lower investment helps you stay on budget
  • Can be built to the standards and rules of a specific state or country
  • Fully customizable kitchen layout and more freedom in choosing the kitchen equipment
  • More choices on the food trailer sizes

vintage airstream coffee trailer for sale


Small Vintage Horse Trailer Coffee Bar for Sale

As a transportation unit like other regular trailers, the horse trailer features a vintage trailer design with a unique charm. Therefore, our design team created this small horse trailer coffee bar based on the horse trailer model and did a little modification to make the coffee trailer special.

With a length of 6.5ft, the horse trailer coffee bar for sale is a small mobile coffee trailer for the small business. It features an elegant and high-end style that matches all occasions, particularly weddings with a rustic and vintage theme. The sense the small horse trailer coffee bar creates definitely will stun the guests and leave great photos. If wedding catering is one of your businesses, there is no doubt that the vintage horse trailer coffee bar will enable you to witness the union of more couples on the scene and make their weddings more memorable.

The coffee trailer coffee bar is not a fixed model but one that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Your coffee trailer design ideas and concepts will be taken into consideration when creating your build.

small vintage horse trailer coffee bar for sale


9.8ft Retro Coffee Horse Trailer for Sale

If the vintage coffee trailer above is a little small and lacks storage room, here is another option for you. As the pro version of the horse trailer coffee bar for sale, this retro coffee horse trailer is larger and has a classic design of enclosed trailers in the US. The trailer model is designed for the ice cream trailer business at first. But, you know, nothing is unchangeable at ETO. Why not lose the chance to convert it into a retro food trailer for the coffee shop?

Based on the original retro food trailer design, our team redesigned the interior layout and changed the kitchen equipment in the trailer to make the trailer suitable for the coffee business. Besides, we installed small Victorian lights on the trailer, creating an aesthetic style of the old time. Of course, there is a wide range of decorative options for the build. Check out this page for inspiration for lighting up your mobile food trailer and business.

retro coffee horse trailer for sale


Fully Equipped Espresso Trailer for Sale

There is nothing better than differentiating yourself through the design of your mobile coffee trailer. You don't need to spend extra on the decoration or time brooding over how to make your business highly visible and recognizable if you have our espresso trailer.

This espresso trailer for sale is the hottest model combining aesthetics and utility in design.
  • Vintage Wooden Design: What makes a thing vintage? The wood, with an old-fashioned look and rustic feeling. Have you seen a vintage wooden food trailer in your city? Probably no. Wood is a forbidden material in food trailer production in many states because of the high fire risk it brings. The espresso trailer for sale is made of steel. However, its strong cold-rolled steel exterior walls have a cover of wood contact paper with a unique wood texture and natural color, setting it apart from those regular food trailers with steel bodies. The design is within the bounds of regulations and health codes.
  • Everything is Ready: The vintage espresso trailer is fully equipped with commercial kitchen equipment that a coffee shop requires, such as the stainless steel worktable, fridge, and water sink. Basically, it functions as a small coffee stand on wheels. The electrical system of the vintage coffee trailer can be changed to make sure it works with your electric appliances. If you are a starter and require brand-new machines and units for making coffee and drinks, ETO offers commercial espresso machines made to the highest standard, bubble tea equipment, and other cooking appliances. Go and check out all the kitchen equipment that suits retro food trailer models.

fully equipped espresso trailer for sale

Looking for a functional vintage coffee trailer to give your business a touch of timeless elegance? It is not necessary to buy an old trailer with years of history and spend thousands on restoration and conversion. There is a great opportunity to buy a brand-new vintage coffee trailer at a lower price!

Our vintage coffee trailers are designed with both retro style and functionality in mind. Whether you're hosting an event or just selling coffee to passersby, our trailers can help you do it in a special style. With a classic, vintage look on the outside, these coffee trailers are sure to turn heads. Go to our gallery to find an ideal coffee trailer model for you!

Stop dreaming and start building a vintage coffee trailer with us!

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