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What Do You Need to Start a Bubble Tea Business on a Truck?

mobile bubble truck with kitchen equipment

Are you considering which location has more potential customers for your bubble tea business and how to decorate your bubble tea shop to create a special experience for customers? Wait! Traditional brick-and-mortar shops are no longer the only way to do business. A mobile bubble truck is a brilliant idea for your business! You have already been clear of the advantages of a mobile food truck trailer, such as its high mobility, affordable price, and functional features, just to name a few. Why not start a mobile bubble tea business now? But, there are too many food trucks here and the market is more fierce than ever, someone may say. That's true. The number of food trucks and trailers has doubled in the first half of this year, and food truck owners who fail in their business are too many to count. But, the thing is: how about mobile bubble tea trucks in your city? Barely can be seen. Most are bubble tea chains. Therefore, a mobile bubble tea truck enjoys absolute edges. Now, start the first mobile bubble tea truck business in your city now!

Like other food truck businesses, a mobile bubble tea business requires a standard vehicle and commercial kitchen equipment for making bubble tea. The first thing is easy to find. There are many food truck builders that have the ability to give you what you want. However, a few of them have the equipment for making bubble tea, increasing the difficulty of the successful start of your business. You have to source it on your own. So, which one should you buy? This blog mainly focuses on the mobile bubble tea shop equipment list for food truck trailers only and other things you should have to make excellent beverages, including bubble tea supplies, disposables, and ingredients. Everything you need to know can be found here!


The Mobile Bubble Tea Shop Equipment List

Standard Mobile Kitchen

No matter a bubble tea truck or a store, a clean kitchen set up in accordance with local regulations and health codes is necessary. A food truck has a mobile kitchen layout, as distinct from the one in a bubble tea shop on the corner, given its limited space and construction. Here are the things you need in your mobile bubble tea shop:
  • Worktable: Worktables give you room for preparing, cooking, making beverages, and serving. Most bubble tea shops have one made of stainless steel because it has an impermeable countertop that is easy to clean. You can have it in your bubble tea truck as well. It is highly recommended to spend on the table with cabinets below that adds more space for storage in your truck.
  • Electrical system: Electricity is essential for the operation of most bubble tea-making machines. Make sure that the electrical system on the truck meets the standards in your city.
  • Water system: A mobile bubble tea business has a huge demand for water. You need clean water to make beverages and wash utensils. Thanks to its correlation with food safety, the water system in a food truck obeys many strict regulations from health codes. Consult with the local health department first before confirming the sink model in your bubble tea truck.
  • Gas line: Blenders, ice makers, coffee-making machines... lots of appliances for making drinks are power-driven, so the gas line is not in the basic standard for most beverage trucks and coffee trucks. However, you need to pay extra for it, because a gas range is required to cook tapioca, those black boba in bubble tea.
  • Wall shelf: A wall shelf is a good solution for adding space to a bubble tea truck. It can be fixed above either the rear worktable or the concession window to make anything within your hand, from bubble tea powder to plastic cold cups when you make bubble tea and serve your clients.

standard mobile kitchen configuration


Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Bubble tea starts with a base of tea mixed with milk, flavorings, and fructose, topped with toppings and add-ins, such as jelly, cream, or crystal boba. These ingredients should be kept at a temperature between 8 degrees and 2 degrees to maintain their freshness, particularly during summer. There are 3 types of commercial fridges for your mobile bubble tea business:
  • Under-bench fridge: It is a classic fridge for food trucks and trailers because of its room-saving design. Fixed under the worktable, the fridge won’t take up extra room which every inch is valuable in your truck. Many cooking appliances can be put on its stainless steel countertop.
  • Sliding door fridge: This vertical fridge has a large capacity that can contain jugs of tea and ingredients. It is a good choice for those bubble tea truck owners who have numerous orders to deal with during rush hours. Everything can be prepared in advance and stored in the fridge for the best taste and working efficiency.
  • Prep Fridge: This fridge is designed for making food with toppings, such as sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs. Many refrigerated pans on its countertop are for different toppings. Jam, syrup, and fruits can be kept in them for quick and easy access. You don’t need to reach the deepest of the bench fridge for a jam every time. Just remove the lid and scoop it.  

refrigeration equipment for bubble tea trucks


Ice Maker

The temperature of bubble tea should be an available option. Customers can make their decision between hot tea and cold tea. Cold bubble tea is in huge demand during summer, so make sure you have enough fresh ice for making the cold beverage.

ice maker for bubble tea truck


Gas Burner

Uncooked tapioca pearls are opaque balls that can be crumbed into power easily. They will become chewy and soft after cooking them over low heat for 20 minutes and leaving them in the hot water for 25 minutes. The quality and texture of tapioca pearls are essential for bubble tea. Get a countertop range in your bubble tea truck, though you may use it only once a day.

There is an alternative if your food trailer is too small for extra equipment or devoid of a gas line. Boba cooker is a functional kitchen appliance for cooking tapioca pearls, red beans, and taro. Its digital functions make cooking simple and automatic. The warming mode is activated when tapioca pearls are cooked. You can cook perfect tapioca with it for the first time!

kitchen equipment for bubble tea trailer


Mixing Machine

As a functional kitchen appliance, a mixer can do lots of things to boost your business, such as making cheese foam, a hot topping for bubble tea, and slush. Mostly, people use it to blend tea and other ingredients. Manual blending is cost-effective, but it lacks efficiency and the bubble tea power or syrup has a great possibility to be left in the cup when the customer finishes his drink. An auto mixing machine is needed to blend all ingredients well and give the best taste of your bubble tea to your customers.


Espresso Machine

It is on the kitchen equipment list of coffee trailers, but you can have it in your truck to make coffee-flavored bubble tea. Though bubble tea contains caffeine, people want a stronger beverage to wake them up during the afternoon. The espresso machine can give you a cup of strong espresso for adding to the bubble tea as the base or making iced Americano.

bubble tea truck equipment list


Fructose Dispenser

There are plenty of bubble tea recipes, and each requires a certain amount of fructose or syrup. How do you weigh it with high precision? A mini electric scale is a good idea when there are 2 or 3 customers. What about a situation in that you have more than 15 orders?

During a busy time, a fructose dispenser allows you to service fast and right! It has a built-in scale that measures the exact amount of fructose you need so as to ensure the same sweetness in every bubble tea. What’s more, it allows you to offer customization of sweetness levels when a customer chooses their drinks. Half sugar or less sugar? All needs can be satisfied!

fructose dispenser for mobile bubble tea business


Auto Sealing Machine

Unlike coffee, bubble tea is usually sealed with a film of food-grade plastic, called seal tape, which makes it more easily to be taken. Customers can hold it in hand and walk around with friends. Not a drop of bubble tea will spill off until a large straw pierces the top. Besides, the popping noise when pricking the seal gives a special experience to the customers. If you focus on the takeout business, an auto sealing machine should be fixed on the front table for sealing your bubble tea.

It is unnecessary to seal everything. Dome lids are another option for both sealing the cup and making it the target for the aesthetic-driven era. They are compatible with bubble tea with cheese foam, ice cream, or extra toppings at the top.

auto sealing machine for mobile bubble tea bsuiness


Bubble Tea Shaking Machine

Shaking is the classic process of making bubble tea. According to the study, bubble tea has a bad meld of tea and fructose without the process of shaking, even if you mix it with a spoon, and it tastes a little bitter. That is not a good sign. A standard bubble tea should have the thick fragrance of tea instead of strong bitterness. Hence, it is necessary to shake bubble tea before you hand it to your customer.

For businesses that have over 50 orders a day, a bubble tea shaking machine is an efficient way to shake bubble tea. It shakes bubble tea thoroughly to perfectly mix all ingredients in your bubble tea within a second. If you are inadequate in start-up costs, manual shaking is a saving-cost solution.

auto shaking machine in bubble tea truck


Bubble Tea Supplies

The kitchen appliances above are just a part of the equipment list of the mobile bubble tea business. Here are some indispensable supplies for making bubble tea:
  • Teaspoons
  • Measuring scoops
  • Measuring cups
  • Food containers
  • Bowls
  • Syrup pumps
  • Food scales
  • Water boilers
  • Thermometers
  • Whisks
  • Timers
  • Tea strainers
  • Shakers

supplies for the bubble tea truck business


Disposables for Mobile Bubble Tea Business

The bubble tea trucks focus on the takeaway business, so a bunch of disposables should be in your truck for daily operation. Here is the list of essential disposables for your mobile bubble tea business:
  • Plastic cups for cold beverages
  • Paper cups for hot drinks
  • Dome lids
  • Black lids with stopper
  • Plastic/paper sealing films
  • Paper straws
  • Boba straws
  • Coffee cups
  • Labels
  • Custom takeout bags


Ingredients for the Bubble Tea Business

Kitchen equipment and cooking appliances simplify the process of cooking and improve your working efficiency. When it comes to the guarantee of the quality of your bubble tea, good ingredients should be emphasized, such as tea bags, juices, and the addition of toppings. Here are the ingredients for making hot bubble tea:
  • Back tea leaves
  • Milk
  • Coco powder
  • Egg pudding powder
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Blueberry jam
  • Salted cheese foam
  • Crushed cookies
  • Powder creamer
  • Black/colored tapioca pearl


Start Your Mobile Bubble Tea Truck Business with Us

ETO DEVICE is a food truck trailer builder that offers custom solutions for the food catering business of all types, including the mobile bubble tea business. Here, we provide fully equipped bubble tea trucks with the things we mentioned above, from the space-saving fridge and countertop range to essential consumables, except the ingredients.

For those who have special requirements for their trucks, our customization service is available. Our design team is capable of building a custom bubble tea truck or trailer in a specific model and specification and equipping it with the commercial kitchen equipment you need. No matter where you start your business, New York or Birmingham, a high-quality bubble tea truck built to your federal regulations can be delivered to your home and facilitate your business! We are here to give you an excellent one-stop shopping experience.

fullly equipped bubble tea truck for sale

custom mobile bubble tea truck trailers for sale
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