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Cindy’s Standard Concession Trailer for Coffee Shop in Nevada

If you plan to run a mobile trailer coffee shop in Nevada, you should have a good concession trailer for coffee shop first. What is a "good " concession trailer for coffee shop? Does it mean one with all the functional fixtures and coffee-making equipment you need and a long service life? Well, not exactly. A good concession trailer for coffee shop must be built in compliance with local codes and laws in a specific state, or it is hard to apply for a mobile coffee trailer business approval. It is illegal to sell any food and drinks in the trailer until you obtain the permits and pass the inspection. So, what kind of concession trailer has construction and specifications that meet the standards in Nevada?

Today, this 13ft concession trailer for coffee shop we customized for Cindy, a professional barista, will give you the answer.

custom mobile trailer coffee shop for sale in Nevada


13ft Concession Trailer for Coffee Shop Built to Codes & Regulations in Nevada

This 13*6.5ft concession trailer coffee shop is the custom project that we worked on with Cindy in all the steps, from changing specifications to installing proper equipment. The FS400, an enclosed concession trailer model, was chosen as the base for Cindy's build. It was built in compliance with specific codes and regulations from the Nevada Health Authority so the application for the licenses and health permits was smooth for Cindy. We equipped the concession trailer with quality restaurant equipment, including the fridge, worktables, and sinks, and the sinks have NSF certification. When it comes to cooking appliances, Cindy stressed that all must have NSF certification, or the concession trailer will fail to be registered in Nevada. Our team suggested she purchase the appliances from local manufacturers.
concession trailer for coffee shop with commercial kitchen equipmenrt
concession trailer for coffee shop for sale
In addition to codes, Cindy's needs for the trailer look were taken into consideration when our team designed her coffee concession trailer. Our designer gave a satisfying solution of creating a unique coffee trailer design that all elements match perfectly in color. The concession trailer body, canopy, and logo lighting unit are purple, but their shades are different in order to avoid complementary color schemes. Besides, the front of the trailer coffee shop is decorated with an LED lighting strip that improves the visibility of Cindy's coffee trailer business and creates a special vibe at night. Attractive food trailer lighting designs help to maximize sales. Considering the hot temperatures during summer in Nevada, Cindy asked for an A/C unit to cool her concession trailer for coffee shop. We chose an ideal one that suited her trailer model and mounted it on the side wall.

The Specification of Cindy's Standard Concession Trailer for Coffee Shop

Model: FS400
Size: 400*200*230cm
Full Size: 550*200*230cm
Color: Purple
Tire: 165/70R13
Net Weight: 1,100kg
Max Load Weight: 600kg


External Inclusions of the Concession Trailer Coffee Shop

  • 13*6.5ft New Build Concession Trailer for Coffee Shop
  • Custom Food Trailer Color
  • Durable Rubber Tires
  • Small Concession Window with Sliding Screens
  • Small Side Window
  • Retractable Canopy above the Concession Windows
  • Rear Door with Lock
  • Custom Logo Lighting Unit
  • LED Lighting Strip
  • A/C Unit
  • Steel Generator Box
  • Heavy-duty Support legs
  • Heavy-duty Trailer Jack with Wheel
  • 88cm Safety Chain
  • Gas Valve
  • Generator Receptacle with Cover
  • Trailer Tail Lights and Red Reflectors
  • Braking System
mobile concession trailer for coffee shop for sale in Nevada


Interior Inclusions of the Concession Trailer Coffee Shop

  • Black Cotton Insulation
  • Easy-to-clean Interior Walls
  • Interior LED Lighting Units
  • Standard Electrical System including Sockets, Switches, Circuit Breakers
  • Water System including Plumbings, Sinks, Faucets, Water Tanks, Heaters, Auto Water Pumps, and Floor Drains
  • NSF-certified 3 Compartment Water Sink and a Hand Sink with Splash Guards
  • 201 Stainless Steel Worktables with Cabinets
  • 170 Under-bench Fridge
  • Non-slip Aluminium Checkered Floor

interior of the concession trailer for coffee shop


Concession Trailer for Coffee Shop Build to Regulation & Laws in Nevada

How to start a coffee trailer in Nevada? Having a coffee concession trailer that passes the inspections is the first step. Like all the businesses in the food industry, concession trailers must comply with many regulations and codes and pass inspections before they are used for any concession business in the city. If you work with local food trailer manufacturers, there is nothing to worry about. They are clear about the health, fire, and safety codes they should comply with in production. For those who choose overseas food trailer builders, like Cindy, it takes some time for them to consult with health inspectors to figure out the must-have items and equipment on their trailer coffee shops.

Built to the highest standard in the industry and in accordance with the local codes and regulations, Cindy's concession trailer for coffee shop passed the inspections quickly. So, what are the food trailer regulations and laws in Nevada? How to build a trailer coffee shop that can obtain a permit from the health department in Nevada? Let's have a look at the essential equipment in Cindy's trailer coffee shop that the codes require.


Durable and Easy-to-clean Interior

According to the codes on vehicle construction, interior walls, floors, and ceilings must be made of material with a durable, light-colored, and easy-to-clean surface. The interior walls and ceiling of Cindy's coffee concession trailer are constructed of light XPS boards that have a waterproof surface and good resistance to corrosion and heat, and the floor is skid-resistant aluminum checkered steel. All the joints are treated properly so that there are no open joints or cracks. The interior construction is totally impervious to moisture and washable, precluding the growth of bacteria and germs.

interior design of the trailer for coffee shop


Interior Lighting Units

The concession trailer must have lights that provide 50 foot-candles of light. Cindy's trailer coffee shop has two quality lighting bars that illuminate the whole working surface all the time.


Concession Window with Sliding Screens

Service openings can only be open when serving food. How can people know you are running the coffee business if your service openings are shut down? The service openings of Cindy's coffee concession trailer have sliding windows that are easy to close and open. When the food trailer window covers are open, the screens keep the dust and bugs out, maintaining a clean kitchen environment. Moreover, we reduced the size of the openings to ensure the utmost privacy.

service openings of the concession trailer for coffee shop


Food-graded Stainless Steel Workbench

Whether making sandwiches or storing cooking equipment before and after washing, food-contact surfaces are required to maintain a high level of food safety and hygiene in the concession trailer. The worktables in the concession trailer for coffee shop are made of 201 stainless steel, a quality material that is safe to have direct contact with food, and it gives plenty of clean countertops to meet the food preparation needs.

stainless steel worktables in the trailer for coffee shop


Water System Approved by the Health Authority

The health department in Nevada has strict standards on the water system in the concession trailer, taking us lots of time to redesign the system in Cindy's trailer coffee shop. Check out the components of the water system that can gain approval from the health authority in Nevada:
  • NSF-certified 3 Compartment Water Sink: The concession trailer for coffee shop has a commercial sink with large compartments for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing. Fixed near the preparation area, the sink is easily accessible.
  • Hand Sink: Next to the 3 compartment sink, there is a hand sink for washing hands only. It is equipped with a stainless steel splash guard to avoid the splash of oil and dirty water when washing equipment utensils.
  • Cold & Hot Water Faucet: the 3 compartment water sink and hand sink have faucets that can swivel flexibly and depose water into each sink. These faucets provide a constant flow of cold or hot water. The temperature of hot water reaches 110°F at least.
  • Stainless Steel Water Tank with Large Capacity: The code requires a water system with a sufficient capacity of more than 40 gallons (about 151L) and water tanks in a square or round shape. Our small plastic water tanks apparently are not up to the standards. Therefore, we customized large stainless steel water tanks that are safe and easy to maintain and installed under the sink.

water system of the trailer coffee shop

Commercial Fridge

If your business requires refrigeration storage in the trailer, there are some regulations you should know before mounting any cold holding equipment in your concession trailer:
  • The fridge should keep food at 41°F (5℃) or below. The fridge we sourced for Cindy is made to the highest standard in the restaurant industry. It has a large refrigeration storage that keeps food at a temperature range between 0℃- 10℃. A digital control panel helps to regulate the temperature precisely.
  • The fridge should not be located beside any cooking equipment that generates heat during cooking. The commercial fridge is fixed under the front table that is used for serving customers and storing ingredients and consumables. There is no heat that has an adverse effect on the operation of the fridge.

trailer for coffee shop with a commercial fridge


Used Coffee Trailer VS New Trailer Coffee Shop, Which One Suits Your Best?

When it comes to buying a vehicle for your coffee business, you can choose either a used coffee trailer or a brand new one built to your needs. The former saves you a lot because of its cheap price, while the latter has a high quality and low maintenance cost. So, how to make the right decision?


Used Coffee Trailer:

A used coffee trailer is a hot choice for people who want to have a try in the food trailer business. There are lots of used concession trailers for coffee shop sold for lots of reasons online. Some is barely used and looks like brand new ones, some is equipped with quality coffee making machines, and some is a vintage coffee trailer with a classic design... The following are the reasons why you should buy a used one:
  • It has a short delivery time so you can start your business and gain profits as soon as possible
  • It has a lower price than those prefabricated concession trailers
  • Everything is set up so you don't need to spend time on its design and layout
  • It may be equipped with functional kitchen equipment you need

When you are looking for a used food trailer, you should check for information about the condition of the trailer and inspect it to make sure it is structurally sound and in good condition.


New Trailer Coffee Shop Customized to Your Needs:

Why spend money on an old coffee shop that has been used for years when you can get a brand new one equipped with equipment in good condition? For those who attach great importance to quality, buying a new trailer coffee shop is the best choice without any doubt. What's more, the trailer can be customized to your specific requirements, considering that it is designed and built from the start. If you have an excellent coffee trailer idea or concept, it can be turned into reality when working with the manufacturer on your unit. Read this blog for the advantages of custom food trailers: Why is it Better to Buy Custom Food Trucks and Trailers Designed for Your Business?

Worry about the price? Tell us your price range, and our design team will give your a solution to create a new concession trailer for coffee shop within your budget.

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