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Food Trailer With Porch For Sale

Food trailer with porch for sale is very popular. Yes, whether you want to sell grilled or fried food, the back porch of a food trailer is a very useful design. You can place your grill or fryer outside the enclosed trailer. The tantalizing barbecue smell is in the air, and eventually, your customers will be drawn to your sales window.

Custom Food Trailer With Porch

Let ETO DEVICE build your custom back porch trailer!
  • Fully equipped mobile kitchen
  • A bathroom that makes employees happy
  • Standard bathroom
  • Compliant electrical, gas and water systems
  • With DOT

14×6.6 concession catering trailer with porch

This 14×6.6 porch style food trailer was built by us for Janette in America and it comes with full kitchen equipment.

This custom food trailer is strictly in accordance with the high quality standards of ETO DEVICE: aluminum plate edging, stainless steel workbench, patterned aluminum floor, standard double axle four tires.

food trailer with porch  food trailer with porch
food trailer with porch  food trailer with porch
food trailer with porch  food trailer with porch kitchen

Porch food trailer design

porch food trailer design

porch food trailer design

Mobile porch trailer kitchen

  • Complete electrical system (electric box, lines, connectors, and several(4-6pcs) sockets, lights in top part of it, and the tail lights).
  • Complete gas system (with gas basket, gas line & gas pipe).
  • 2 Big Sliding Windows in the front side.
  • Double ss201 workbench.
  • 3+1US standard stainless steel sink.
  • Water tap with warm/cool water.
  • Air Conditioning (keep cool in hot summer and keep warm in cold winter).
  • 2*14L Vertical Gas Fryer.
  • Gas grill (size: 100×53×23cm).
  • Gas warmer (Pan Size: 4pc, 1/2 pans with lids).
  • Exhaust Hood (With better ventilation effect).
  • Sandwich Station (Model: 6pcs, 1/4pcs).
  • Vertical Fridge (Freezer Capacity: 38L, Fridge Capacity: 74L).
porch trailer kitchen equipment
porch style trailer

Story about back porch trailer

This 14-foot back porch trailer belongs to Janette, who is from Florida, USA. Before starting a mobile food trailer business, Janette was a restaurant manager with extensive experience operating a catering business. As a restaurant manager, Janette's job is so busy that she hardly has any time or life of her own. In order to change his current job and lifestyle and make more money, he chose the food trailer business.

Janette's porch style food trailer features two types of griddles, range hood, salad bar, fryer, range hood, and sells mostly hot dogs, burgers and fries. He will be open mainly in the morning, serving breakfast to office workers.
Are you also ready to start a mobile food trailer business? We have different styles of food trailer with porch for sale, contact us now!

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