Nicolas’s Mobile Competition BBQ Trailer in New Zealand

Mobile Competition BBQ Trailer in New Zealand

ETO DEVICE is a leading manufacturer of mobile BBQ trailers for sale on the international market. In the pursuit of providing the best to our clients from all over the world, we design and build every competition BBQ trailer in compliance with regulations and codes in many counties, including New Zealand. This 13x6.5ft competition BBQ trailer was designed, customized, and built for the specific needs of our client, Nicolas in Auckland, New Zealand. It complies with NZ standards and food hygiene regulations, so it can pass the inspection of local Environmental Health and acquire relative licenses and permits quickly. If you have a plan to operate the BBQ trailer business in New Zealand, this solution we provide to our client will help you to acquire a fully equipped NZ mobile BBQ trailer with the proper design and layout.


The Competition BBQ Trailer for Sale in New Zealand

We have various types of BBQ trailers in different models and shapes. The GL-FS400, a square box trailer, is a hot one for the BBQ trailer business due to its large room and service windows. Its frame is galvanized steel (25mm*25mm*1.5mm thickness), covered with extruded polystyrene, a strong and durable insulation material for buildings, as exterior walls. These walls were printed in the color that Nicolas required. Yes, you can choose the exterior color of your competition BBQ trailer. RAL Color offers you at least a thousand colors for decorative design. Any desired color can be printed on your BBQ trailer. You can get inspiration for food trailer color in this blog - The Secret of Food Trailer Color.
Standard Mobile BBQ Trailer for Sale in New Zealand
Custom NZ BBQ Trailer for Sale

The Standard Specification of NZ Competition BBQ Trailer

  • Fine Galvanized Chassis
  • Galvanized Steel Frame
  • XPS External Wall
  • White Internal Wall made of Aluminum Plastic Board
  • 4 Heavy Duty Standing Legs
  • Aluminum Non-Slippery Floor
  • Steel Basket for Gas Tanks
  • Food-grade 304 Stainless Steel Workbenches with Guards
  • 2 Compartment Water Sink with Cold/Hot Faucet, Water Pump, and Water Tanks
  • ARD certified Food Trailer Tail Lights
  • Internal Food Trailer Lighting
  • NZ Certified Electrical Wiring
  • NZ 32a Electrical Outlets and Outside Plug for Generator
  • Electric Panel up to 63A
NZ Competition BBQ Trailer for SaleMobile Competition BBQ Trailer Layout


What Commercial Equipment Do You Need For Your Competition BBQ Trailer?

Some buyers prefer empty competition BBQ trailers due to their low prices. However, the task of trailer conversion that follows after they buy these concession trailers will be arduous. Finding a piece of proper kitchen equipped that fits their mobile BBQ trailers, as well as their needs, is not an easy job. Besides, hiring certified workers for installation is an economic burden because of the high labor costs in some countries. All in all, a fully equipped competition BBQ trailer for sale can save a lot for you.

At ETO DEVICE, a multitude of commercial kitchen appliances and fittings are available, and all of them are built for ensuring the best experience of cooking in the mobile kitchen. Nicolas’s  NZ competition BBQ trailer is fully equipped with the commercial-grade equipment that his BBQ trailer business requires. If you have a problem choosing the appliance for your competition BBQ trailer, check out what this BBQ trailer has, and you may be inspired.


The List of Add-ons for Nicolas’s Mobile Competition BBQ Trailer in New Zealand

  • 225L Bench Freezer:
It is a useful food trailer freezer that provides room for keeping your food cool at a temperature range between 0℃ and 10℃. It is aligned with the service window, providing a huge countertop for serving your client. If you have a requirement for a large refrigerated room, your competition BBQ trailer can be outfitted with a model with a bigger capacity.

Mobile BBQ Trailer with Food Trailer Fridge
  • Countertop Fryer with 2 Tank (14L Each):
The food-grade stainless steel deep fryer is durable for commercial use in mobile kitchens. It has a large oil tank for frying multiple ingredients at one time so you can cope with the different needs of customers in rush hour.
  • Countertop Gas Griddle:
This griddle has a total of 28,000 BUTs output. Its large flat top is a great heating area for cooking meat with a tender texture. Its burners distribute heat quickly, providing 2 controlled heat zones for cooking. You can regulate the temperature easily by turning the button.

Fully Equipped Competition BBQ Trailer for Sale
  • 1.5m Commercial Exhaust Hood:
A commercial exhaust hood is a perfect solution for the ventilation of a mobile BBQ trailer. A 1.5m model is fixed above the fryer and the gas griddle. Its efficient fan has a good performance to remove smoke and odors from the air fast, assuring a pleasant working environment in Nicolas’s Mobile Competition BBQ Trailer.
  • BBQ Grill:
It is a smokeless BBQ grill with wire mesh that gives the meat grill marks just like a charcoal grill does. Its non-stick grill is 78cm long and 78cm wide, offering you a large area for barbecuing without fumes!

Mobile BBQ Trailer with Grill
  • Cash Drawer:
A cash drawer is fixed under the countertop of the front workbench. It has many dividers for cash, coins, and other items and spring-loaded clips for pressing bills firmly.
  • Hydraulic Brake:
In New Zealand, a concession trailer with a gross vehicle weight of over 750kg should have a functional brake that allows the vehicle to stop within 7m from a speed of 30 km/h. The hydraulic brake outshines other braking systems due to its features of smooth braking. There is no jerk or shock when you stop your BBQ trailer.

Commercial Kitchen Appliances for BBQ Trailer

Is that all we can offer? Of course, No! We can set up the best functional BBQ trailer outfitted with kitchen equipment for every client’s business needs. Here are additional extras you can add to your trailers:
  • Gas Stove
  • Gas Lava Rock Grill w
  • Gas Pasta Boiler
  • Gas Bain Marie
  • Gas Crepe Machine
  • Rotary Corn Roaster
  • Electric Sandwich Maker
  • Display Warmer Showcase
  • Electric Oven
  • Microwave Oven
  • Ice Cream Machine
Kitchen Appliances for NZ Mobile BBQ Trailer


NZ Competition BBQ Trailer Design & Layout

Mobile BBQ Trailer for Sale in New Zealand

Mobile Competition BBQ Trailer Design and Layout


Why Do You Need an NZ Mobile BBQ Trailer for Sale?

When you google “mobile BBQ trailer for sale”, the top food trailer manufacturers you find mostly come from the USA. Their products have fancy looks and creative designs, as their food trailer pictures demonstrate. But, let’s not rush into ordering one. The appealing exterior may fool you.

Many counties have issued their own regulations and codes for mobile BBQ trailers in order to ensure the proper functioning and regulation of the food trailer business, and New Zealand is one of them. These requirements have something to do with the food trailer layout and design. So, an NZ mobile BBQ trailer is slightly different from its counterpart in the USA, though they are alike in shape and look. Don’t overlook it. A mobile BBQ trailer built in accordance with requirements in other countries will lead to many problems for your business in New Zealand.

For example, the materials of the food trailer’s interior walls, floor, and ceiling must be cleaned easily and have the features of imperviousness, smoothness, and light color, according to NZ regulations. A vintage wooden food trailer, though it is a hot choice in some counties, can not pass local inspection, and suspend your project. Hence, it is important to confirm whether the vehicle is built in accordance with EZ requirements before ordering.

In fact, buying a competition food trailer from a manufacturer in New Zealand guarantees you a standard mobile unit. But, it is not the only way. As we mentioned, we are an international food trailer manufacturer that ships and serves worldwide. Hundreds of custom food trailers were built in accordance with specific county codes and regulations. This year, we exported a standard NZ custom catering trailer to New Zealand. We shared this solution on our website - Ruhi’s Commercial Kitchen Trailer for Mobile Taco Catering in New Zealand

Our staff works in adherence to the aim of supplying each client with an affordable and safe mobile BBQ trailer for his business. Send us an inquiry and let’s talk about the design of your NZ competition BBQ trailer. Our service and expertise will earn your trust!

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