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Netherlands Littles. International BBQ Catering Trailer

Littles. International, based in The Hague, Netherlands, is a new company specializing in BBQ specialty foods, with a focus on pork & beef. Its founder, MIRCEA-MĂDĂLIN MARIAN, teamed up with ETO DEVICE to collaboratively design and customize a 7ft BBQ catering trailer, which marked the beginning of a mobile BBQ catering business. The BBQ trailer now offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for takeout, dine-in, and delivery daily on the streets, and its options include finger food, sandwiches, burgers, and main dishes.

Keep reading to discover more about this custom-built BBQ catering trailer in the Netherlands.
Littles. International's BBQ Catering Trailer Designed & Built By ETO


Littles. International BBQ Catering Trailer in Netherlands

ETO DEVICE designed and built a high-quality, multifunctional small BBQ catering trailer for Littles. International's upcoming food trailer business. Starting with the FR220WD, a small model from our hottest roundtop food trailer series, the unit was painted, cut, and outfitted with commercial-grade kitchen equipment, stainless steel countertops, and additional power outlets. A local company in Netherlands put the finishing touch by designing and applying a custom trailer wrap on it for branding.

Yep. It is about small food trailers again. Our small food trailer series are the choices that hundreds have made, especially those venturing into new businesses. As for the reasons? No need for a lengthy explanation here. You'll find all the answers in: How a Small Mobile Food Trailer Benefits Your Business?

With dimensions of 2.2m(7ft)*2m (7ft)*2.3m (8ft), the FR220WD outshines larger concession trailers in terms of mobility, adaptability, and operational efficiency. The standard weights approximately 600kg. It can be safely towed by any vehicle. This means Littles. International can receive and process online orders, just like most restaurants, and deliver with the BBQ catering trailer.
Furthermore, this food trailer model requires minimal space for setup and operation, making it a perfect fit for our clients' streets. Simply park it curbside with the serving window facing the sidewalk, and you're ready to serve. In some public areas or events, a few tables can be placed near the trailer to create a dine-in area.
It's fair to say that the FR220WD excellently caters to Littles. International's desire for flexibility in offering dine-in, takeout, and delivery dining options.

Trailer Specification

Model: FR220WD
Dimensions: 220*200*230cm
Color: Black
Electrical: 220V/50Hz
Window: Flip-out concession window with awning, lockable from the inside
Insulation: Black cotton, 25mm thickness
Electricity: Available
Gas: Available
Pressurized Water: Available

We customized a stainless steel generator box that was just right for our client's generator, and upgraded the tires to aluminum 165/70R13.


The FR220WD, being wider than the standard models, features a spacious working area where we created a commercial-grade kitchen to meet the client's cooking and storage needs.

Next, we will discuss the trailer interior design of the BBQ trailer.


BBQ Catering Trailer Interior Design

Littles. International had specific custom requirements for food trailer interior design, as standard configurations we offered lacked certain features crucial for his business operations. (Click on this page to learn more about what our standards include.) Accordingly, our trailer designers spent several days working closely with Littles. International to finalize the interior design of his BBQ catering trailer. This included determining the number and placement of outlets, as well as specifying the equipment and where it should be installed.

The client informed us he had a refrigerator and requested a space for it within the trailer. After careful measurements, we precisely cut the front workbench to create a snug fit for the refrigerator, without any gas. What's more, we installed extra outlets on the nearby wall for easy plugging in.

Before the construction phase, the food trailer designs, floor plans, and transparent quotation were confirmed by the client.
BBQ Catering Trailer Design
Below are the inclusions included with this custom BBQ catering trailer. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are customizations:
Easy-to-clean interior walls & ceiling in light color
Non-slip diamond plate flooring
Wires concealed under the wall lining
LED lighting bar
EU-standard electrical system
*201 stainless steel front workbench with open cabinets
201 stainless steel rear workbench with storage cabinets
*Electric griddle with 1/2 flat & 1/2 grooved top
*Gas griddle with 1/2 flat & 1/2 grooved top
*2m stainless steel exhaust hood
*5kg stainless steel extinguisher bracket
*Auto water pump
*Heater tap
*25L plastic water tank
BBQ Catering Trailer Interior Design

When the BBQ catering trailer was almost done, we provided the client with photos and videos to keep him updated on the progress. Afterward, we tested all the trailer systems. Once everything was confirmed to be working properly, we packaged and crated the trailer for the next step - shipping.

Everything went smoothly, and we're grateful for that. The mobile BBQ trailer was delivered on time and in perfect condition, much to the satisfaction of our client. In the following days, the client focused on preparations for his BBQ trailer business, which included tasks such as installing and decorating the trailer, applying for necessary permits, and procuring essential supplies. We made every effort to assist them in expediting this process by providing step-by-step guidance for trailer installation and the required documents and information for food trailer registration and licensing.

The Client Took His BBQ Catering Trailer Home

In September of this year, the BBQ catering trailer successfully hit the road and became an integral part of Littles. International. This marks a fresh start, and we look forward to continuing to support and assist our client on his mobile BBQ trailer business.


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