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Small Food Trailers

ETO DEVICE's definition of small Concession Food Trailers is that it can meet the needs of most of its customers. Start with a simple menu and run your hot dog, pizza, ice cream, coffee, hamburger business, all at a relatively low cost, with very little risk. Small Food Trailer is your best bet for success.
Small concession food trailer

What are the benefits of Small food Trailer for your food truck business?

Buying Small Trailer instead of a 20-foot trailer is a better option for many food truck entrepreneurs.
A mini food trailer for just a few thousand dollars is a small risk compared to buying a large food trailer for $50,000. It's much cheaper and easier to manage, which makes it much easier for you to succeed.
Our Small Food Trailer can provide you with many custom options including RAL colours, glazing, sizes etc. We can provide any packaging stickers or kitchen equipment according to your needs.

Our small concession food trailers

Mini food trailer Small food trailer Small concession trailer
Standard series
Galvanized steel plate, anticorrosive and rust-proof material, the most popular classic Mini food Trailer
Custom series
Twin axle 4 tyres, more space, glass windows with aluminum frame, awning
R series box trailer
More rounded and smooth shape, rounded corners using 201 stainless steel ball cutting, you can customize its size, smaller or larger.

Standard Mini Food TrailerStandard mini food trailer

The minimum size of our standard range is 7.2 feet, and it can be larger depending on your needs. You can use it to sell all kinds of delicious food, including hot dogs, coffee, ice cream, burgers, cakes, etc. It is the best choice for first-time entrepreneurs.

The chassis adopts 100*50 high-precision galvanized square tube, we can also provide a price version of the double chassis according to the need, stronger bearing capacity. Also available are German-made Al-Ko or KNOTT.

DOT certified, American standard, Australian standard, European standard electrical system optional. Your mini food trailer will comply with the regulations of your country or state.

O, BOWL is a small salad food trailer. Learn more!


Custom series small food trailer

Custom series of trailers, you can customize any size you want. It can be fitted with windows framed in aluminium alloy, using reinforced toughened glass. According to your needs, you can also install polyester fabric awning, sunscreen and waterproof.

Trailers over 11 feet will be equipped with a 2-axle 4-tire chassis, plus 4 professional jack supports for stability and safety in packaging your small food Trailer. Go to this page for all small food trailer models.
Custom Small Food Trailer
Box Small Concession Trailer

R series small concession trailer

R series Small Concession Trailer adopts stainless steel frame, which has better wear resistance. It uses professional resin car paint, add light stabilizer, antioxidant, so that the car paint does not change color for a long time, do not fade.

A gas device and a generator box can be installed above the traction rod. Generator chassis adopts professional polyester fiber cotton as sound insulation material, and designed with heat dissipation holes.

This red and white small concession trailer is used to sell ice cream and fast food. Learn more!

Small Food Trailer's free design service

All of the above models can be customized to our customers' needs. Free freehand sketches, CAD sized layout plans, 3D surround images made by Sketchup, and 3D Max renderings are available prior to purchase.
Professional graphic design, can also provide customers with your own logo design.

Small food trailer design

Standard equipment

The above standard small food trailer contains:
  • High-precision 201 stainless steel workbench, 304 food-grade sink, and quick-heat faucet
  • Below the sink, two 25L food-grade polyethylene transparent material buckets, stainless steel door
  • Storage space under workbench
  • Trailer lights
  • Aluminum checkered plate material non-slip floor, 304-level water floor drain
  • 64A Schneider air switch with leakage protection, 6 sockets of different national standards, body hidden wire connection, 32A industrial grade external power supply (with plug and socket)
  • US-specific 50.8mm connector, European 50mm connector, Australian ADR certified taillights, Australian European Emark certified taillights.

Custom options

Al-ko or KNOTT brand inertia device and axle or electric brake system can be installed in different countries to meet the road needs of different countries. According to the different weight of different models, inertia device and axle of different loads can be provided. Generally, more than 750KG, brakes need to be installed. Axle selection between 750kg-2T. The electric brake system controlled by the electric system is available around the United States. The electric brake system is equipped with a professional grade torque axle, which softers the shock absorption and reduces the jolting of the car.

The body can provide sticker service, using PVC professional adhesive sticker, can be customized for the whole car service, can also be customized locally,
Empty car stickers, but also direct body spray painting.
Custom lighting system, we have a variety of DIFFERENT LED lights, profiler lights, trailer taillights, car lights, etc.

If the customer does not know what equipment to choose, we will do according to your business, as well as the number of you customized to belong to your exclusive trailer, so that you use less to buy a suitable trailer belongs to their own.

The time of delivery

When you place an order, we will immediately arrange the production order for your final confirmation and send it to the factory if there is no problem. It generally takes 3-4 weeks to make according to your different needs.


If you are a first-time importer and do not know the import process, we can provide one-stop door-to-door service, direct delivery to your designated place. If you plan to import by yourself, we can give you CIF terms for delivery to your designated port. The general shipping time varies from 30 to 60 days.

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