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How to finish customs clearances in US seaport for food trailers?

America is without a doubt the place with the most food trailers and trucks. We sell more than 200 food trailers to the United States every year, and our rich experience in exporting food trailers has earned us the trust of our customers. There are many American customers who don't know how to complete customs clearance when they want to buy ETO DEVICE food trailers. To help all US customers, here we present important information on US port clearance.

customs clearances

Food trailers customs clearances in US seaport 

Due to the big volume of food trailer,it has to be shipped by sea. Usually,there are two ways. One is by DDP,which means we will be responsible for all procedures including international sea shipping,US local customs clearances,US paying taxes,and US local logistics. Another way is by CIF,which means we will deliver the trailer to the seaport,then buyer is responsible for customs clearances,paying for taxes,and picking trailer up in the port.


If you are a new importer,we suggest the DDP incoterms, which is the most convenient way for buyers.So if you select DDP incoterms, then just waiting for your trailers, and responsible for unloading it from trucks.


But if you prefer CIF,the procedures is as following:

1. Prepare and fill DOT in advance,and submit to the US customs.
DOT is essential for every trailer importer. ETO DEVICE has obtained that in 2022,which is the first manufacturer who got this. If you plan to import a food trailer, please make sure that your supplier is registered with NHTSA as a manufacturer under 49 CFR 566 and 49 CFR Part 551. Click to check our DOT information
DOT format is like this. Feel free to ask the format from Etodevice.

DOT format

2. Sent all customs clearances paper including commercial invoice, packing list,BL to US customs in advance before ship arrival.

3. Paying for taxes, customs clearances fees and any other expenses incurred at the port .
(The food trailer taxes rate is 25.4714%, which is charged according to the good value, excluding shipping freight)

4. Receiving Goods Pickup notice from shipping company,and pick your trailer up there.

If you prefer CIF incoterms, it is better to ask your agent to contact us in advance, so that we can submit him the papers, then he can check whether he can help you pick goods up.
Because every agent has different ability. 

We expect all customers can receive their dream trailer, and begin the mobile business soon ! Browse our more food trailers now.
Any more questions feel free to contact us.

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