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How Much Is a Food Trailer?

food trailer cost

The food concession trailer is a product that has changed the ideas and habits of eating and diet all over the world. Seat in a restaurant and enjoy your meal? That was a wonderful moment, before the spread of the pandemic. Because of Covid-19, social distance is emphasized. Dining in the crowded restaurant soon became the last choice for eaters. More and more people tend to buy their food from the food trailer near the street. It just takes a few minutes after they take their wrapped favorite food, with masks on their faces all the time. That’s why concession trailer is a new business opportunity for most entrepreneurs who crave success in the catering industry. But, there is a common question before anyone starts the mobile catering business - How much is a food trailer?

Cost is always a topic that every entrepreneur cares about the most because buying a food concession trailer is one of the largest spending. So, how much does it cost to buy a mobile food trailer? Keep reading, to find the answer!


How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Food Trailer?

If starting a food truck business is what you want, your focus should be on the price of the food trailer. Usually, prices vary according to the following factors, including the models, accessories and kitchen equipment. Here is the price list of 5 trending food concession trailers for sale.


1. How Much Does a Coffee Trailer Cost?

Since coffee is a kind of refreshing drink that gives many workers an energetic day, starting to sell coffee near office buildings is a profitable business. Then, what is the price of a coffee trailer? Given the simple steps to make coffee, a small food concession trailer can provide you with enough room to place your coffee machines, cups and water. Therefore, the price of the coffee trailer is about $2,000-$3,000. That is affordable for small entrepreneurs.


2.What is the Price of a Hot Dog Concession Trailer?

Do you prefer fast food? A hot dog concession trailer is another hot choice this year. It has full electrical and propane systems, including generator inlet/outlet sockets, plugs, electric sockets and gas plumbing. Once connected to the generator and the propane gas tank, the hot dog concession trailer allows you to cook instantly. With such an optimal design and configuration, the hot dog trailer is a little bit expensive. Its price is over $3,000. But the final quote will be higher if you want to outfit it with necessary kitchen equipment, such as grills, burners and salad prep tables.

types of food trailers for sale


3. How Much is an Ice Cream Trailer?

Who can resist a sweet ice cream in summer? This summer, the temperature is not the only thing that remains high. The sales of ice cream trailers do, too! In fact, the price range of ice cream food trailers is wide, from $2,000 to $10,000. An 8.2*6.5 ice cream trailer is about $3,300(except for the cost of kitchen equipment). If you are looking for a premium one, a classical airstream catering trailer is your top choice. It has a unique exterior wall made of stainless steel, impressive and striking. It can provide an area of 12 square meters which provides you a possibility to diversify your menu. You can sell rolled ice creams and snow cones to increase your income.


4. What is the Cost of a Small BBQ Trailer?

The most important steps in making a barbecue are food preparation and preservation. Therefore, a BBQ trailer should be equipped with freezers, refrigerators and heater cabinets. Our design optimized the layout and design of our 5.9*3.9 BBQ trailer. Even though small as it is, our small BBQ trailer has all the cooling and heating equipment you need and a complete electrical system and water system. Its price is about $3,100.


5. How Much Does a Mobile Kitchen Trailer Cost?

How to operate a mobile catering business successfully? You need a mobile kitchen! As a leading food truck trailer builder, we provide custom mobile kitchens for sale. In general, the price depends on the dimension of a mobile kitchen trailer. A 2.3*2 mobile kitchen costs $3,400, while an 8*2 commercial mobile kitchen (with kitchen equipment) is priced at over $10,000.

mobile kitchen

You may have the answer now when it comes to the question we put forward at the first. Your decision for the food concession trailer, from its type to its dimension, will change the final quote. If you have no clue which food concession trailer is right for you and how to pick up the food truck trailer within your price range, you can send us an inquiry and tell us your needs and budget. We will build an ideal food truck trailer that meets all your requirements!

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