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7.2ft Mobile Mini Donut Trailer for Sale

With a donut maker and a large concession window, a regular food concession trailer can function as a functional donut trailer. This 7.2 ft mobile mini donut trailer is our latest work of food trailer design. It is an upgraded version of the FR-220WD, the hottest small food trailer model, that features a cute style and reinforced galvanized steel frame. We joined and welded each part and cold-rolled steel plate in the process of manufacturing the mini donut trailer body, while the installation of insolation cotton, light interior walls, and non-slippery stainless steel floor was underway. The standard specification can be changed and modified to meet your needs. Want to have more cabinets, or fix a small service table in the mini donut trailer? The layout of the trailer is totally up to you. Also, you have many choices on kitchen equipment. It is a fully custom mini donut trailer for sale after all.


7.2ft Mobile Mini Donut Trailer for Sale

7ft mini donut concession trailer for sale

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standard custom mini donut trailer for sale

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The Specification

Model: GL-FR220D

Size: 220*160*230cm

Weight: 600kg

Electrical: 110V/60HZ

Axle: 1, galvanized steel

Tire: 165/70R13

Insulation: Black cotton (2cm thickness)

Window: Gullwing Concession window and a side window

Electrical System: Electrical panel board / circuit breaker / power sockets / generator receptacle with cover / 7 pin trailer connector / interior lighting units / trailer tail lights & red reflectors

Water Cycle System: 2 compartment water sink / hot & cold water faucet / 12V auto water pumps / 25L food-grade plastic clean water tank and waste water tank / floor drain

Accessory: 88cm safety chain / trailer hitch ball / trailer coupler / heavy-duty support legs / heavy-duty trailer jack with wheel / door keys / door stop

Workbench: 201 stainless steel workbench with cabinets

Floor: non-slip aluminium checkered floor

From: $2,200

Warranty: 1 Year for Free

Extra Equipment Package for Making Donut: Deep fryer / Donut Dispenser



Pre-configured Setup for Your Custom-built Small Donut Trailer

Rarely do any two donut trailers look alike. After all, each baker or street vendor has a unique concept for their business, which significantly impacts the trailer’s model, size, design, kitchen equipment, and layout. Perhaps the pre-configured food trailer showcased on this page lacks a crucial element that reflects your brand. For example, a baking oven to make healthier donuts, brands, or eye-catching logo lights. As a professional food trailer manufacturer, we understand that your donut business is one-of-a-kind. Therefore, our mission is to create the best custom-built donut trailer, precisely tailored to your specifications and needs.

This pre-configured small donut trailer serves as an entry-level model that can be tailored to your needs by modification and addition of extra equipment. Throughout the whole construction process, you’ll have multiple choices:


⭐ Food Trailer Model: The FR220D – our hot roundtop food trailer – is the cheapest model you could find. Its cute and compact design is perfect for brands targeting children and young audiences. Also, a vintage-style look and vibe can be created by covering the food trailer with unique graphics and textures. For those prioritizing business professionalism, the classic American box trailer, often used as a mobile kitchen, is an excellent choice. You are not limited to just these two options. Explore this page to discover all the small food trailers for sale that can be customized to suit your donut concepts.

⭐ Food Trailer Size: The small donut trailer model comes in lengths ranging from 7ft to 10ft, with a width of 5ft and a height of 7.5ft. For those seeking more space, we offer an upgraded version with a width expanded to 7ft. If you require even larger dimensions, consider our concession trailers, which can go up to a maximum length of 26ft. Check out our blog, “Food Trailer Size & Dimensions: Which is the Best for Your Food Trailer Business?” for more information and guidance on choosing the right size for your food trailer business.

⭐ Specification: As mentioned earlier, the standard configuration has been outlined. However, you have the flexibility to make modifications according to your preferences. For instance, you can opt to add an additional concession window on the other side of the trailer; install a braking system; add DOT-approved tail lights and tires; or change the trailer’s color. Feel free to share any ideas or needs with us. Your satisfaction is our priority.

⭐ Kitchen Equipment Package: To complete your donut concession trailer, we offer a commercial kitchen equipment package, including automatic donut-making machines, donut fryers, donut hoppers, donut mixers, ovens, fridges, and cake displays. Additionally, your food trailer should be equipped with all the necessary kitchen equipment required by local authorities. Learn more about selecting the right kitchen equipment for your food trailer in our informative blog: “How to Choose the Right Kitchen Equipment for a Food Trailer?

⭐ Kitchen Layout: The kitchen layout is a collaborative process with our designers. We consider your business operations, workflow, chosen equipment, ideas, and preferences to create an efficient kitchen setup for your small food trailer.

⭐ Trailer Design Solution: Our designers take charge of the exterior design of your small donut trailer. We offer an extensive selection of over 100 trailer colors, trailer lighting design ideas, and custom food trailer wraps to create a unique small donut trailer that perfectly suits your brand. Feel free to share any images of food trailers you like to get us inspiration.


By following these steps, we will create a 100% custom-built donut trailer that meets your expectations within your budget. Now, write an email to share your concepts and requirements with us!



Why Buy It From ETO?

To but a high-quality, code-compliant mobile food trailer with less investment. Our brand focuses on the production of the best concession trailers that our clients can afford. Collaborating with entrepreneurs and businesses nationwide for their custom food trailers, we’ve honed our understanding of clients’ desires and needs. Our aim is simple: to maximize your returns while minimizing costs.



At ETO, you can benefit from the following offerings:

✔️ High-quality Concession Trailers: Our concession trailers are manufactured using premium materials, brand-new components, and professional craftsmanship. Take this mini donut trailer, for instance. It has a galvanized steel frame welded to a new road-legal trailer chassis. The body is made of cold-rolled steel with a rust-resistant coating. This all-steel structure ensures outdoor durability, resisting fading, rusting, and stains. Trailer accessories and kitchen equipment are sourced exclusively from industry-leading manufacturers.

✔️ Road-legal Construction: Our vehicles undergo inspections in various US states, EU member countries, Australia, and Asia. ( View some of our impressive custom porjects for our clients ) To ensure local usability, it’s advised to consult local authorities regarding specific regulations for food trailers and inform our team. We are ready to provide suitable solutions. What’s more, we will assist you in food trailer inspections and registration procedures.

✔️ Custom Solution: ETO’s food trailers are made-to-order. You can tailor your build to your preference by selecting specific dimensions, colors, and additional features. During the construction process, you have more than 100 customization options, including commercial-grade kitchen equipment, appliances, air conditioning, generator boxes, brake systems, and more.

✔️ Free Trailer Design: Our food trailer designers will create sketches based on your chosen specifications, functionalities, equipment, and concepts. They will refine these designs according to your preferences until you are satisfied. Once approved, these sketches will be transformed into detailed 3D rendering images and floor plans. Only after receiving your final approval will the production process commence.

✔️ Custom Quote: Once all details are confirmed, we will provide you with a complimentary quote with all trailer specifications and associated costs, including additional equipment, shipping, and insurance.

✔️ 1 year Warranty for Free: We offer every client with 1-year warranty that covers the trailer, accessories, and kitchen equipment. We take full responsibility for any malfunctions resulting from production defects and offer free repair or replacement services.

✔️ After-sale Services: Our collaboration extends beyond delivery. Our technical team is ready to assist you in resolving questions about hooking up your trailer, using the water tank system, cleaning the kitchen equipment and appliances, and maintaining the trailer properly.


Let’s get start on your small donut trailer today!


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