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How to Start an Ice Cream Trailer

how to start an ice cream trailer business

Do you want to start a mobile ice cream trailer business? If you are looking to buy an ice cream trailer to start your ice cream business, then this article will help you a lot. The food trailer experts at ETO DEVICE have put together a guide to starting a mobile ice cream business based on customer needs and trends in the food trailer industry over the past five years.

How to start an ice cream trailer: 8 things you must do

To ensure the success of your mobile ice cream business, our guide lays out the 8 important steps below, which are the right way to start your mobile coffee trailer.

1. Market research

Market research can give you a better understanding of the regional ice cream market status and potential. Survey data and results will guide your mobile ice cream business. Market research includes the following aspects:
1. Urban population, age and distribution.
2. Locations of large communities, business centers, business centers, schools, parks, etc.
3. Competitor's location, menu type, selling price and other information.

2. Understand laws and regulations

You need to know what the law says about your mobile ice cream business to ensure your mobile ice cream trailer is compliant from the start. Many national and state laws require food trailers to have three spaced sinks, including a hand sink.
You should also be aware of the various licenses and fees required to start a business.

3. Business location

Plan your business route and location based on market research. Location is very important in a mobile food business, and prime location can make you more profitable. You can operate in a fixed location or go to a different place every day. Sporting events, festivals, corporate gatherings, private parties, weekend parks are all high-traffic places.

4. Menu

What ice cream are you selling? There are many types of ice cream with different flavors. We recommend that your menu include as many varieties and flavors as possible. Soft ice cream, hard ice cream, homemade ice cream, prepackaged ice cream, cream ice cream, milkshakes, sundaes, smoothies, popsicles, etc. are all very popular.

5. Buy ice cream trailer and ice cream equipment

Depending on the type of ice cream you want to sell, you can start buying ice cream trailers and the ice cream equipment you need. You need to buy the right size ice cream trailer and equipment according to your budget, and proper layout and space planning are essential to your business.

6. Advertise your ice cream trailer

Before you start your mobile ice cream trailer, you'll want to start advertising. There are two ways to advertise:
Traditional media promotion. Use traditional media to spread awareness in the community.
Social media promotion. Sign up for Facebook, youtube, Instagram and more to promote your ice cream trailer on social media.

7. Handle business licenses and permits

By law, if you want to open your sales window to greet customers, you also need to apply for some required business licenses and permits. They mainly include business licenses, health licenses, business licenses, etc.

8. Buy ice cream ingredients

Fill up your inventory before your ice cream trailer arrives at the business location. Guaranteed enough ice cream for customers to buy. Before that, you'll need to stock up on ice cream cups, scoops, and more.


The 8 steps above are all you must do before you start moving your ice cream trailer. From market research to preparation of ice cream ingredients, these steps will guide you to successfully start your mobile ice cream business. If you are ready, then start with the first step.
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