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5 Ways Your Food Trailer Gets Customer Feedback

food trailer business feedback

Customer feedback has always been very important to the food trailer and truck business. Customer feedback is the ultimate guide to improving your mobile food business. This information will tell you where and how to improve. But it's often difficult to get a lot of customer feedback because customers don't tell you what you need. This article will help you get effective customer feedback.

In order to help car owners get customer feedback and improve their mobile food business, we have summarized 5 very useful methods below.

Paid Questionnaire

Paid questionnaires are by far one of the fastest and most effective ways to get customer feedback. You can organize a paid survey to get customers to fill in comments and free suggestions on issues such as recipes, food types, services, locations, and hours of operation. The price of the event can be a free gift of best-selling food or a coupon for a few dollars.

Social media interaction

Keep up with frequent updates on social media to attract and maintain close interaction with fans. Social media such as Facebook is a platform for direct communication with customers, where you can get real feedback and comments from customers. And customers communicate directly with customers.

Frequent interaction on social media can not only increase the loyalty of fans, but also attract more traffic. More followers means you're likely to get more comments and opinions.

Talk to customers

Actively communicating with your customers is the most direct and effective way to get customer feedback. Take the initiative and sincerely greet customers and ask customers for their feelings and suggestions on food, recipes, trailer design, service attitude and service methods, and often get the most direct suggestions from customers. Plus, it's the best way to reflect your food trailer service attitude.

Attract customer reviews

Adding customer reviews to your website and online ordering platform is the most common method of attracting customer reviews. Click the buy button in the menu or set the comment button below the prompt to complete the purchase. Make it easy for customers to leave their own reviews and opinions.

Customer reviews on websites and online orders will not only help you improve your food trailer business, but also provide insights for browsing customers to find their favorite flavors.

Record customer comments

It's easy to hear customer comments and opinions about your food trailer while they're lining up to buy or pay. They might talk about a certain flavor of burger being good or bad. When your employees hear similar comments, they need to be recorded as a guide for improving recipes.

When you obtain customer review data, be sure to summarize it in time and formulate improvement plans based on customer comments. The most important thing is to implement your improvement plan and let customer feedback realize its value. Also, remember to post your improvement plan below the recipe on your website, social media, and food trailers to let customers know that you value their input.

As a manufacturer of food trailers, ETO DEVICE has always attached great importance to customer feedback. We have always regarded customer feedback as our most valuable asset, so we continue to improve our products and receive praise from customers. Are you ready to build a high quality food trailer? Contact us now!
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