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Netherlands Gelato Cart for Arthur's Mullet Ice Cream

Ice cream, music, energy, and unforgettable party experiences. That's what Arthur's Mullet Ice Cream brings to various events throughout the Netherlands.

The ETO team is honored to collaborate with its founder, Arthur, acclaimed as the best ice cream man in Kanaleneiland, to create a custom-built gelato cart as the newest member of his fleet. This ice cream cart will join his ice cream bike to bring delicious frozen desserts and joyful experiences at events across the Netherlands, especially parties, weddings, anniversaries, and graduations.

Now, let's explore more about Arthur's gelato cart and get more ice cream cart design ideas here!


Gelato Cart for Arthur's Mullet Ice Cream

Bringing Delicious Treats, Stunning Cart, and Groovy Beats to Every Occasion!

Gelato-Cart This cute gelato cart is ordered by Arthur, a member of the Grand East, and owner of Arthur's Mullet Ice Cream. It's one of his fleet, dedicated to providing the best ice cream and experience at events across the Netherlands. It begins with our most popular ice cream cart model, The GL-A610, a gelato ice cream push cart, and is redesigned to fit Arthur's brand and business. This model is perfect for outdoor events due to its plug-and-play design, ample freezing space, additional display windows, and classic, elegant appearance. A power outlet is all it takes to keep the ice cream frozen always, no matter how high the temperatures are outside. Hundreds, even thousands of perfect ice cream scoops can be served on scorching summer days.

This summer, Arthur will be driving across the Netherlands and scooping ice cream at schools, workplaces, gatherings, weddings, and events with the gelato ice cream cart in tow.
Ice Cream Cart Design 1 Ice Cream Cart Design 2


The Best Ice Cream Cart in Kanaleneiland

See Its Features & Learn How the Reasons Why

Portable Design
Go Anywhere, Big or Small

Compared to Arthur's ice cream trike, the GL-A610 can practically go anywhere. Indoors, outdoor - it's all good. As an ice cream push cart, it doesn't need much space, just a little spot and a power socket, and everything is ready.
Steel Cart Body & Frame
Built to Last & Designed for Outdoor use

For outdoor events and parties, this ice cream push cart model is the ideal choice. Its high-quality stainless steel frame and all-steel body ensure durability. Custom graphics provide additional protection to the cart body. No rusting or peeling!
Water Supply System
Get Clean Water & Keep Scoops Clean

The upgraded system includes a round sink, a square sink, a white faucet, a water pump, and a water bucket. This system provides pressurized water for cleaning tools anytime, anywhere. Waste water is drained through the sink's drainage pipe.
Ice-Cream-Push-Cart-for-Sale   Compatible Electric
Plug and Play

Options include 220V/50Hz and 110V/60Hz. We recommend selecting one compliant with EU electrical standards and installing compliant wiring and a plug to ensure the gelato cart operates smoothly within the Netherlands.
Commercial-grade Freezer
Keep Ice Cream Frozen All Summer

The plug-in freezer is top-notch, with a temperature control setting and a digital display. It keeps things frozen between -18°C and -22°C. We customize ten stainless steel ice cream tubs (36*16.5*11.5cm), capable of storing various ice cream flavors and frozen desserts.
Canopies   Replaceable Awning
Redesign the Cart to Fit Different Occasions

Two canopies are designed and offered: one is dome-shaped in orange-red, and the other is flat-topped with LED light decorations. It only takes a few minutes to dismantle and replace the canopy to suit different occasions and events.
Custom Ice Cart Cart Design
Tailored for Brand & Business 

We decorate and brand the gelato cart just the way Arthur wants it. Picture this: pink and blue stripes, the brand logo, and dazzling neon lights. It's all about creating something in the style of Arthur's Mullet Ice Cream.
Interested in the basic configuration? Visit the page to download the specifications.


Welcome to ETO DEVICE

We are a Global Ice Cream Cart Manufacturer for Customization Solution

ETO-Gelato-Carts   Get your turnkey ice cream cart solution here and get right to work. That's what we're all about.

ETO DEVICE is here to make sure you've got everything you need for your ice cream business. We've got our own workshop where we build custom units to exact specifications and unique designs, something most suppliers can't offer. From colors to water sinks, and freezer options, every detail of your ice cream cart can be tailored. No matter how wild your design and concept are, our team of professional designers and experts will turn them into reality and exceed your expectations.


How We Work?

Not sure where to start? Leave it all to us. We're experts in the field, so just let us know your needs, and we'll find the best solution for you. Our team will discuss every detail of your project and answer all your questions.

Multiple Options

We offer up to 10 ice cream cart models, each with its own features to suit various needs. Are standard models not enough? We'll build from scratch in our factory, all according to your specific requirements. This allows us to provide flexible, fast custom solutions.

Global Service

Our motto is "deliver on time, wherever you are!" Our ice cream carts have been shipped worldwide, including the US, Australia, Canada, Thailand, and EU member states. With years of experience and thousands of projects delivered, we know exactly how to get things done.
Contact our team via phone, email, WhatsApp, or the form below to ask any questions, including pricing, configurations, and custom options for the gelato cart. Visit this page for our purchasing, production, and delivery information.

For custom ice cream solutions, please clearly tell your needs, such as model, size, modifications, electrical requirements, equipment, design, and budget expectations. This allows us to quickly provide an exact quote.

You can visit our gallery to check out more ice cream cart designs while you wait for our response.
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