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Italian Gelato Ice Cream Cart

Italian gelato ice cream cart

The ice cream cart is specially made for summer. On the beach, in the park, on the street, everyone loves ice cream, adults and children alike. The ice cream cart business is well worth the investment.

As a food cart manufacturer, ETO DEVICE is committed to helping customers successfully start a mobile ice cream business. Our expert engineers design and build you a standard mobile gelato ice cream cart according to your budget and needs.

Small custom ice cream cart

This is a 5.5×3.1 small Italian gelato ice cream cart, which is custom built by us for American customers, mainly used to sell ice cream and cold drinks.

 Italian gelato ice cream cart for sale


  • Power system: 110V/60Hz US standard voltage
  • Class I protection against electric shock
  • Customized refrigerator: 180W compressor, the maximum temperature can reach -22℃
  • 10 Ice Cream Stainless Steel Boxes
  • Custom square sink (with waste pipe and bucket)
  • 130W custom light box
  • custom rain tarpaulin
  • Stainless Steel Support Tube
  • Special car paint

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