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Small Food Cart Trailer with a Compact Kitchen Layout in Japan

Looking for a custom food cart trailer? You are in the right place! ETO is a company that specializes in the customization and production of brand-new small food trailers, portable food kiosks & shipping container bars made to order. In order words, we mainly provide custom food cart trailers built in accordance with clients' needs. Though it leads to a longer delivery time (one of its disadvantages), customization is the best solution for building an ideal food cart trailer that meets all your standards and requirements in all aspects, including the kitchen layout and trailer exterior look. Everything is designed and set up from the start for you only. This 8' small food cart trailer we customized for the client in Japan is one of our latest projects. Let's have a look at how we built it from scratch to make it meet and exceed the client's standards.

small mobile food cart trailer for sale


How to Build the Small Food Cart Trailer from the Start?

Building a small food cart trailer is not all about cutting steel plates, doing electrical work, and sourcing materials. Figuring out what our clients are looking for is much more important. You know, every client has his own specific requirements for his build. We prefer working with our clients from the start and talking about all the details about their builds than touting some in-stock trailer models that haven't been sold for a long time.

Here are what we did to build the small food cart trailer from the start with our client.


1. Choose the Right Small Food Cart Trailer Model & Size

Have to admit it. These are the limits to our ability to design and manufacture food trailers. All the builds should be based on our food trailer models. You need to settle on the model and size first, then we will discuss other details about the customization.

The clients were quite interested in the square food trailer, a popular model based on the box trailer design. But, he had a problem choosing the food trailer size. For starters, small food cart trailers for sale are an ideal choice. They are much more affordable options for most people and have minimal risks. Read this page to learn all the benefits of buying a small food cart trailer: How a Small Mobile Food Trailer Benefits Your Business?

We recommended the FS250, an 8ft small food cart trailer. It is an entry-level trailer model for entrepreneurs who start their businesses in the mobile catering industry for the first time. The trailer is 8ft in length and 6.5 in width. Is it a little small for cooking? Don't worry. Our design team is capable of optimizing its layout to make the most use of the space.

small food cart trailer for sale in japan


2. Specify Your Needs for the Trailer Specifications:

If you have any special needs for the trailer specifications, customizing a food trailer is a better option than buying a prefabricated one. Building a food trailer based on your design is easier than converting a trailer to your needs, after all.

The client gave us a picture of one of our mobile food cart trailer for sale and demanded the same color for his build. Our design team gave him the RAL color code of that trailer for reaffirmation. Then, the client asked for the replacement of the trailer jack and sent the model of the jack he wanted. After confirming the details, we sourced the jack from the company the client specified and shipped it with his small food cart trailer.


3. Tell us what kitchen equipment you need & your idea about the interior layout

When customizing a food trailer, you have pure freedom to design the interior layout from the start. Commonly, the layout is dependent on the kitchen equipment you need. At ETO, there are scads of commercial kitchen equipment and cooking appliances made to the restaurant quality, such as commercial fridges, ice cream-making machines, pizza ovens, and range burners.

A complete category of the kitchen equipment and appliances available for the small food cart trailer model was sent to the client. In order to help him make the right decision, we shared the guidance on choosing the kitchen equipment for a food trailer with him.

interior design of the small food cart trailer


4. Confirm the Small Food Cart Trailer Design

Now, our team basically has a concept of your build. But, here is one more step before the production - confirming the trailer design in order to make sure it is what you really want.

Our design team sent the client the 3D designs and floor plan of his small food cart trailer that displays the important specifications and information, such as its precise dimensions, weight, and kitchen layout. Production began after the client's confirmation.

3D design of the small food cart trailer

5. Build Everything from Scratch

Once everything is confirmed, our team will commence production as soon as possible.

We sourced a brand new chassis and fine galvanized steel tubes for building the trailer body and frame. Yes, everything was built from scratch. The whole frame was reinforced in order to create a safe and strong small food cart trailer. We cut the windows and the door after welding the exterior wall. Next, the installation of insolation, interior walls, and the floor started. At the same time, we considered how to wire and plump the trailer, where to install the circuit breaker and sockets, and how to mount the water sink. Our team engaged with the client throughout the production and sent him pictures and videos of the production to keep him informed on the progress of building his small food cart trailer. 


How to Design the Small Food Cart Trailer Layout to Make the Most Use of the Available Space?

The interior layout is as important as the exterior design, particularly when designing a small food cart trailer. The FS250 had a small space available, about 8ftx6.5ft, and it needed to be fully equipped with the kitchen equipment that the client required and provide a comfortable working environment for cooking. So, how to properly design the kitchen layout to make the most of the space? Here is the solution our design team gave.

1. Create an Efficient Mobile Kitchen Layout

You must have heard of the kitchen work triangle, a hot concept for creating an efficient kitchen where the areas for cooking, cleaning, and fridge form a triangle with the minimum distance. We designed the small food trailer cart layout based on the concept and did some changes.

The small food cart trailer has 3 main working areas: the sink, serving table, and cooking appliances. We fixed a stainless steel worktable near the concession window, providing a large serving area. The rear worktable is used for placing the cooking equipment. A 2 compartment water sink is adjacent to the rear worktables, allowing easy food preparation. These areas are close to each other. The worker in the trailer can get everything at an arm's distance.

mobile kitchen in the small food cart trailer


2. Use Multifunctional & Space-saving Cooking Equipment

Given the limited space in the small food cart trailer, it is not realistic to squeeze all the kitchen fixtures in it, specially those designed for restaurants. Therefore, the cooking equipment with a portable and compact design was given into consideration when we equipped the food trailer. According to the client's menu, we chose ideal models of the grill and the deep fryer and fixed them on the rear worktable. With a countertop design, they can be removed and replaced with other appliances easily.

small food cart trailer with commercial kitchen equipment

3. Give More Storage

Storage is always in great demand in a mobile food trailer. How to have more space for storing ingredients, supplies, and disposables? Fully use the space under the countertop! The stainless steel worktables we installed in the trailer have many open cabinets under the countertop. They are perfect for a small mobile trailer without sufficient storage. If you want cabinets, hinged doors or sliding doors can be installed to give you an enclosed storage room.

small food cart trailer with plenty of storage
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