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The Solution of Building a 15ft Custom Coffee Trailer in Australia, under $7k

How do Australians start their day? Having a cup of coffee first! The coffee industry is thriving but highly competitive, driving it to grow and innovate. The mobile coffee business, as a new concept in the industry, is an affordable alternative to operating a highly profitable coffee business. For those who are looking for a mobile coffee franchise or want to start a mobile coffee trailer shop with less investment in Australia, here is a solution for building a 15ft custom coffee trailer under $7,000.


Thomas’s 15ft Custom Mobile Coffee Trailer in Australia

How to have a coffee trailer that meets your exact specifications and needs? Work with our design team and customize a trailer! This mobile coffee trailer is a perfect solution we provided to Thomas and it catered to his specific needs while remaining within his budget. Every detail of the coffee trailer was tailored to Thomas's preferences and specifications, from his coffee trailer design ideas to the kitchen layout. Moreover, our team built the trailer to meet the registration standards by discussing all the details of regulations and standards on food trailers in Australia with Thomas.

We look forward to working with more entrepreneurs, like Thomas, to give them a custom solution that exceeds their expectations and brings their mobile food business dreams to life.

custom coffee trailer for sale in australia


The Specification of Mobile Coffee Trailer

Model: GL-FN450
Size: 450*210*250cm
Inside Size: 350*190*193cm
Full Size: 580*210*250cm
Weight: 1,000kg
Color: Night Blue
Tire: 165/70R13
Insulation: Cotton
Electrical: 230V/50HZ
custom built coffee trailer for sale in australia
custom coffee trailer layout
Electricity: 32A circuit breaker / Australia electrical outlets / 32A socket for the generator / LED lighting unit / 7 bins trailer connector / interior LED lighting unit
Water system: 3 compartment water sink / faucets for cold & hot water / 2 70L stainless steel water tanks / 12V,45W,4L/min water pump / floor drain
Kitchen Equipment: 201stainless steel worktables / 250L under-counter fridge / cabinets
Accessory: 88cm safety chain / trailer jack with wheel / heavy-duty support legs / drop down folding concession shelf / trailer tail light with ADR certification mark / red reflectors / electric brake / trailer plate

How Coffee Trailer Design Elevates the Mobile Coffee Experience?

When it comes to the foor trailer for the coffee business, there is a wide range of coffee trailer models that features disparate styles and looks. Why did Thomas opt for the GL-FN450 as the base of his custom coffee trailer project? What is so special about the coffee trailer design? Can the trailer design give him any benefit to his mobile coffee business? Next, we will expand on Thomas's coffee trailer design and how it gives a better experience to running a mobile coffee shop in Australia.


Unique Coffee Shop Trailer to Create a Memorable Customer Experience

The mobile coffee trailer model has a unique look, distinguishing it from regular enclosed concession trailers in a box shape. With its curved lines and arched roof, it is designed to be aesthetically pleasing, making it an impressive sight and attracting customers from all directions. That speeds up the process of branding and cultivating the identity of your mobile coffee shop.

At 8ft wide, the trailer is wider than other food trailer models of the same size, providing a spacious interior for you to deal with orders with ease and high efficiency.

15ft custom coffee trailer
fully equipped coffee trailer for sale

The Power of Large Service Opening: Improve Customer Satisfaction 

The concession window is an opening for serving customers and handing out their drinks and food. The custom coffee trailer features a large concession window that allows you to easily interact with customers when preparing coffee. The window gives a direct view of the coffee trailer layout, kitchen equipment, and how coffee is made. The transparency of the food preparation will dispel customers' worries about food quality and safety and create an interesting dining experience, helping improve customer satisfaction. The wooden board near the window gives a discernible place to paste the menu.

There is a stainless steel flop-out service table used to expand the countertop so you can have more room for placing cups, lids, and other disposables.


Fully Legal Mobile Coffee Trailer Built to Meet the Road Safety Requirements and Regulations in Australia

All food trailers must be registered before operating on the road. However, there are many trailers that fail to be registered due to their design, particularly those manufactured by overseas food trailer builders. The custom coffee trailer is built to meet all the standards and regulations required for registration in Australia and is safe to move on the road.

- Standard Electrical and Wiring: The electrical system is designed and installed in the accordance with the Australian Design Rules to ensure compliance and safety.

- Properly Designed and Installed Tow Bars & Couples: There are strict regulations regarding the design and installation of the trailer tow bar and the couple, considering that these accessories are crucial for safe towing. The tow bar and a couple of mobile coffee trailers comply with design rules and standards in Australia, avoiding trailer sway and the high risk of accidents. As a protective measure, a safety chain is mounted adjacent to the tow coupling in order to retain the connection between the trailer and towing car in case there is a sudden disconnection.

- Trailer Tail Lights with ADR Certification: The custom coffee trailer has all required trailer lights, including brake lamps, turn signals, and tail lights, and they are ADR approved. When the 7 pin trailer plug connects a car with the coffee trailer, these lights operate with the responding light on the towing vehicle.

- Electric Brake: Single-axle food trailers that weigh more than 750kg doesn’t need a braking system, required by the Department of Transport in Australia. This custom coffee trailer model has two axles, and its weight reaches about 1,000kg with all the commercial restaurant equipment, Accordingly, a trailer brake system is essential to ensure the coffee trailer is legally compliant in Australia and safe to use when it is on the road. Electric brake systems are most common in Australia because of their fast braking speed and easy maintenance. One that is made to meet the standards in Australia was added to Thomas's mobile coffee shops, minimizing the possibility of accidents.


Build Your Own Coffee Trailer with a Custom Kitchen Layout

Why is it better to buy a custom food trailer? The kitchen can be customized to meet your specific requirements when building your own coffee trailer. Sufficient countertops and storage are one of the requests the clients asked. Our solution is to install stainless steel worktables against the four walls of the trailer, forming a large and consistent surface for dealing with all kinds of kitchen tasks. These worktables come with cabinets that provide plenty of storage space to keep everything in order. And to save room in the mobile coffee trailer, we placed a commercial fridge underneath the front worktable. As an under-counter unit, the fridge provides a large refrigerating room under the table while taking up no extra countertop space. Here are the designs and the layouts of the custom coffee trailer we built for Thomas.

coffee trailer design

coffee trailer layout

mobile coffee trailer layout

How Much is a Coffee Trailer in Australia?

How much does it cost to start a coffee trailer business in Australia? That largely depends on how much it costs to have the vehicle you want. For most people, a coffee trailer is the largest expense they have to pay to start their businesses. Generally, the price of the coffee trailer varies greatly depending on the following factors: food trailer model, size, kitchen equipment, and customization. A custom solution and a detailed quote can be given when our team is informed of your coffee trailer design ideas.

This 15ft mobile coffee trailer for sale in Australia is priced at $6,900. If you don't need the brake system, stainless steel water tank, ADR-certified tail light, or fridge, the trailer price can be lower. The model starts at $5,950, with a standard equipment package including stainless steel worktables, a 2 compartment water sink, an electrical system, and essential trailer accessories. Other food trailer equipment requires extra. Send us an e-mail to get a price list of commercial kitchen equipment that fits your coffee trailer bar.

A little expensive for you? Don't worry. This mobile coffee trailer comes in many sizes. Small coffee trailers are cheaper and have no different from those 20ft coffee trailers in the aspect of features and design. It is fair to say that investing in a small food trailer is a budget-friendly solution for entrepreneurs who are pressed for the budget. No need for financing.

Here is the price for each coffee trailer size:
Model Size(cm) Starts at
GL-FL300 300*246*240 4550
GL-FL350 350*246*240 5050
GL-FL400 400*246*240 5350
GL-FL450 450*246*240 5950
GL-FL500 500*246*240 6400
GL-FL580 580*246*240 7050
GL-FL600 600*246*240 9200

If these options are out of your price range, consider other food trailer models, such as the smallest coffee trailer - the FR220D, or invest in a coffee cart.


What Equipment is Needed for a Build Your Own Coffee Trailer?

The inclusions of the coffee trailer have been itemized exhaustively in the food trailer specification. Is it short on some kit or equipment that your mobile coffee business requires? When it comes to the coffee trailer equipment list, people's needs can be greatly different. That is totally understandable because it is influenced by factors, like budgets, preferences, and food preparation, which differ from person to person. Don't close the page and search for other models if the equipment in the coffee trailer is not what you want. At ETO, each food trailer is customizable. In other words, you have the final say on the equipment in your mobile coffee trailer. The leading manufacturers we work with provide us with good commercial kitchen equipment and cooking appliances that are made to the highest restaurant quality. You can specify the size, model, power, and other specifications of the equipment you need, and we will try our best to satisfy all your requirements.

If you are a beginner and have no idea about which equipment is necessary to run a mobile coffee bar business, here is a complete coffee trailer equipment list including all the units that are worth your investment:
  • Commercial espresso machine
  • Commercial coffee bean grinder
  • Auto sealing machine
  • Ice maker
  • Under-counter fridge and freezer
  • Blender
  • Ice cream-making machine
  • Water sinks required by the health codes or local regulation
  • Wall shelf
  • Cash drawer
  • Cabinets

cooking equipment for mobile coffee trailers

If your mobile coffee trailer doesn't specialize in coffee, contact us for a complete food trailer equipment list. A turnkey coffee trailer equipment package will be offered to you.

Need more coffee trailer ideas? Explore our gallery which displays all the custom coffee trailers we created based on the food trailer design ideas and concepts from our clients.

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